Monday, November 16, 2009

Into the elements

So, I have lived in the beautiful Palos Verde's area for almost 3 years.....I have not once taken my easel out to sad, I know. Well I finally got out there. I left around 3:30 since that's about when the sun is heading down these days. Let me tell you, painting out of doors is no picnic, and I live in a temperate climate! Its sounds weird, but you have to deal with all the extra elements of the out doors. These include: wind, sun ,crazy onlookers, rapidly changing light, not to mention a faulty easel. Painting is challenging enough as it is. I came away with 4 mediocre paintings and a headache from staring at the sun. I risked blindness to figure out...."now what color exactly is that sun". I never really have been interested in painting landscapes, I would much rather paint people. I have learned that if you have fun while you paint, it shows in your paintings, they just turn out better. As you will see, I didn't enjoy myself that much, but an artist has to stretch themselves right? Thank you cyberspace for this therapeutic rant


Karrie said...

Thank you for updating your site. I love to see your work. Keep it up!!!!!

Amber said...

Good for you! That is a lot more effort to take all your supplies outdoors and paint. At least you can say you tried it :) I like the photos of your easel outdoors.