Monday, November 16, 2009

Into the elements

So, I have lived in the beautiful Palos Verde's area for almost 3 years.....I have not once taken my easel out to sad, I know. Well I finally got out there. I left around 3:30 since that's about when the sun is heading down these days. Let me tell you, painting out of doors is no picnic, and I live in a temperate climate! Its sounds weird, but you have to deal with all the extra elements of the out doors. These include: wind, sun ,crazy onlookers, rapidly changing light, not to mention a faulty easel. Painting is challenging enough as it is. I came away with 4 mediocre paintings and a headache from staring at the sun. I risked blindness to figure out...."now what color exactly is that sun". I never really have been interested in painting landscapes, I would much rather paint people. I have learned that if you have fun while you paint, it shows in your paintings, they just turn out better. As you will see, I didn't enjoy myself that much, but an artist has to stretch themselves right? Thank you cyberspace for this therapeutic rant

Painting from life

This is the only way to paint: from a live model. It is more economical to sign up for a class than to pay for a private model. I can't describe the feeling of seeing colors that have no name, then trying to duplicate them. It is so exciting to me. These are recordings of the colors of light rather than a perfect refined likeness. The pictures are not the best, I'm still refining that skill

rest time is over!

Work has been keeping me quite busy,....(wait, thats just an excuse) but it does seems to zap my energy for creating art. I guess thats why I attend a life painting class once a week. It keeps me connected with what I love to do: paint people. I will take photo's of my recent work from that class and post very soon,...maybe today!