Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dahlia details

Just finished these flowers today. All the white spots have yet to be painted, in case you were wondering about the albino hummingbird. Ever since my wedding, I have loved these beautiful dahlia's. I wanted to paint something different than the typical garden roses. It makes the painting more personal. I chose just a few main flowers to show in greater detail. The background flowers were just painted in flat color. This also saves me on time. I will post the finished product next week, hopefully...

Garden Mural inspired by dahlia's

So this is the Garden Mural for the mothers nursing room in the San Pedro Church building.
I posted the pictures backwards,... oops. I wanted to show how the mural progressed. It all started with research, drawing, and trips to the library to gather photo reference. The next step was to figure out a design through sketches. Once I decided on a final sketch, I did a mini painting of how the colors would be. After that I did some color studies for the more detailed flowers. Prep work is a pain, but without is I would be lost! Finally, I started by sketching out the design in pencil, directly on the wall. The next step was the blue background, then the clouds, leaves, and the flowers. I'm learning all the time. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity, what an honor! I hope the moms and kids enjoy it. I'm planning to finish it this week, I will keep you posted!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Garden mural in progress...

I have been so busy painting and teaching that I have posted nothing latley. I have been working on a garden mural for a nursing room this past week and a half. Hoping to be done this week. I will have pictures soon!