Sunday, August 31, 2008

This inspires paint!

I have spent most of the summer painting family members, most of which look very similar to me; White skin, blondish hair and light eyes. Although I am grateful to have them as my models, I decided it was time to get a little more diversity into my portfolio.

I have had my eye on little Anna since she and her family first moved to California, we attend the same church. She is a charming and sassy little 5 yr-old who you might mistake for an 10-yr-old. I was blown away by her rich brown skin tone, dark eye lashes and cherubic face. She will be my next painting if I can find the time. School starts soon..... We see how it goes..

Fall Classes !

I am so thrilled to be teaching at the Palos Verdes Art Center this fall. I will be teaching two childrens classes. The classes are on Saturdays for ages 7 and up. Here is the information if you or anyone you know is interested:

"Coloring the seasons"-Saturdays, 9/27-11/15 (10-11:30am) Learn the basics of design, color theory and composition while painting landscapes that reflect the different seasons. Learn to paint water, sunsets,clouds and the night sky. Take home a compleated painting each lesson.

"Animals in Art"- Saturdays,9/27-11/15 (12:30-2pm) Learn the basics of proportion and gesture in animals, but most important, learn to draw what you see. Explore different media each day while creating a moody charocoal drawing of an elephant, a vibrant painting of a cheery parrot, pen and ink drawings of bugs of all kinds and watercolor paintings of whales and dolphins. Imaginations wanted!

For enrollment contact the Palos Verdes Art Center at 310-541-2479

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Art Nouveau

This painting of my sister Rebecca was done from life in two sittings of about 3 hours. I had sooo much fun painting her and her dreamy deep set eyes. Her angelic face drew me to the style of art Nouveau. A style of painting/drawing led by Alphonse Mucha. Nature and figure seem to become one. Willowy trees and a soft cloudy skys echo the soft difussed window light on her skin. Thanks again rebecca! your beautiful!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Good luck pup

This furry little "Ewok" is my painting buddy. I take him for a long walk in the morning then we head down to the painting room for the day. Its nice to have the silent moral support, I just hope he is not getting silently poisened by the paint fumes. I think everyone needs a shih tzu!