Sunday, August 31, 2008

This inspires paint!

I have spent most of the summer painting family members, most of which look very similar to me; White skin, blondish hair and light eyes. Although I am grateful to have them as my models, I decided it was time to get a little more diversity into my portfolio.

I have had my eye on little Anna since she and her family first moved to California, we attend the same church. She is a charming and sassy little 5 yr-old who you might mistake for an 10-yr-old. I was blown away by her rich brown skin tone, dark eye lashes and cherubic face. She will be my next painting if I can find the time. School starts soon..... We see how it goes..


Shelly said...

What a beautiful little girl, you are going to have fun painting her. We are having fun with Ryan, Kelly and Rachel here in Provo. We had hail on monday and it was freezing. Today is nice, See you soon. Love, MOM

kellycarter said...

I think I like the fourth picture the best although the lighting is cool in the first one and her expression is adorable in the second. I'm excited to see how it turns out.