Friday, June 27, 2008

Ryker and Klimt

I finished Ryker and I'm excited to see what he thinks of himself. I am a big fan of Gustav Klimt. I tried to infuse a little of that design element in the background. You can't tell as much from the picture,but I did use gold metalic paint. Its about 24"x 24" oil on birch panel.


Shelly said...

I think it turned out well. I can't believe you finished already. Good work Sandi. Love, MOM
PS Ryan has a blog now you can connect thru my blog links. He has some cool pictures up.

Byron, Ashley, and TBD said...

Your art is amazing! I've had so much fun looking at it through your blog. Thanks for sharing! I hope everything's going great for you and Matt. I'm loving being back in California. Even though it's two hours away, it still feels so much more like home. Hope to see you soon!