Tuesday, January 15, 2008

up on the easel

Yesterday I had so much fun painting rebecca! Once again the color looks a bit washed out in the photo, so if you like it here, it looks better in real, I think. It was an interesting change to paint on wood vrs canvas. The surface is so smooth and obsorbant. It was fun,..I think I like it. I was going for a modern 20's art deco feel in this one-what do you think?, I always love a critique. Thanks again becca, this painting is yours unless I can sell it. @(18x25")-oil


Shelly said...

I really like it Sandi. I'm glad you have some time to paint now. See you soon. MOM

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Congrats on finally getting your art out for everuone to see. Nice work!


I am an artist too.